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Pranjal Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. is a company pioneering spirit. That pioneering spirit drives us to constantly find new and smarter ways to build. Our construction services have been fine-tuned over a century of building and during that time have embraced advances in technology that help us build better and safer infrastructure and for a lower cost. Our experienced team applies today’s technology to proven building principles.

We are Specialists In Construction Of :

  • R.C.C. bridges
  • Pre-stressed concrete bridges
  • Cantilever bridges for construction of long span bridges
  • Well foundations
  • Pile foundations
  • Flyovers
  • Road / Rail over bridges
  • Steel bridges including fabrication & launching
  • Launch of pre-cast & pre-stressed concrete girder , Segmental constructions
  • Roadwork with asphaltic concrete and mastic asphalt surfaces

At Pranjal Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., we are always striving to bring on board the latest of technologies and equipment to meet the demands of today’s clients. While listed above are few of the technologies we are presently working with, in near future we will be adding more to our list. The technologies are updated time-to-time to deliver today what others hope to do tomorrow.

Road & Highway Projects

The history of human civilization could well have begun with the development of pathways and roads; for the movement of Men, Material and Machinery, the lifeline of nation building, would have been impossible without arterial roads to facilitate transport.

We understand that the most effective way of adding value to build environment is road construction. The construction and maintenance of roads has been and shall remain a capital-intensive continual process that is at core of any development activity.

In 2010, Pranjal Construction made a foray into highway construction with the Raisen road project. There was no looking back after that, Pranjal Construction has taken initiative with dedication and motivation while working on maintenance and construction of the highways keeping in mind the safety of workers working for the company as well as the road users at the same time the optimum utilization of men power and machinery so as to keep always a final product within a stipulated budget but to the best of quality and within prescribed time limit.

To enhance the quality we have continuously strived and kept ourselves updated with the technology in terms of material, machinery and process, the continuous testing of the raw material and product has given an edge in this competitive market by satisfying the clients as well as road and highway users and getting us repetitive orders. Further the company has continuously strived for social responsibility by keeping their workers well fed and happy.

Reaching out, providing much needed connectivity, PIPL is steadily, consistently strengthening the nation’s infrastructure base. Every step in this journey is a celebration of its commitment to the country and to the people. In fact, the journey is itself the destination!
Finally our strength and belief is “EVERY GOAL IS OUR VALLUE”